Hellenic Mediterranean University

School of Engineering Center of Materials Technology and Photonics

Research Activities

  • Organic & perovskite solar cells
  • Industrialization of emerging PVs
  • Graphene and related 2D layered materials  
  • Printed electronics
  • Healthcare devices
  • Photocatalytic, antibacterial and antifouling materials
  • Polymer nanocomposites
  • Paints for electromagnetic shielding
  • Nanostructured electrodes for batteries
  • Thermochromic materials
  • Electrochromic materials and devices
  • CVD coatings
  • Technology of light sources
  • Laser applications in diagnosis and processing
  • Quantum fluids
  • Behaviour of atomic systems at ultra-low temperatures
  • Superfluidity of confined systems: Vortex states, persistent currents, etc.
  • Nonlinear effects and solitary-wave excitation in finite system and in systems of reduced dimensionality
  • Semiconductor physics: Optical properties, elementary excitations, nonliear effects, transport properties
  • Investigation of simple, low-cost and environmentally friendly techniques, such as printing, spraying, etc. and their adaptation to large-scale processes
  • Development of laboratory scale prototypes
  • Investigation of mechanical, optical, electrical and electrochemical properties of materials and devices in micro- and nano-scale.